How to Ring Size?

Some simple tools to help you out

Friday, May 15, 2020

So you’ve found your perfect ring, and now all that’s left is finding the perfect size. No matter what the design of the ring is, determining the size can be a tricky process, but we are here to help and have come up with some simple tools to help you out as there is nothing worse than purchasing a ring and it not fit properly when it arrives.

Your Local Jeweller

To get an absolutely accurate result, being professionally sized by your local jeweller is always a good option where possible – just ensure to be given a size in US sizing, as well as an inside diameter measurement of the ring sizer – as these tools can vary between jewellers.

Are you taking a wild guess? The average women’s ring size is a size 6 and the average men’s ring size is a size 9. But please bear in mind that we make all rings to order. We do this to avoid creating any unnecessary waste or harm to the environment so knowing the correct size will prevent any additional charges as well as unnecessary transport that should occur from return deliveries.

Ring sizing yourself is pretty straightforward and reliable when using one of the following methods:

Ring Sizer

We offer a ring sizer for purchase here, which is a very handy tool to keep for all future jewellery purchases! The plastic measuring tool wraps around your finger like a belt by securing the end through the “buckle” to form a ring shape.

Slip your finger through the loop and pull the end through – you want this to be tight but not uncomfortably so.

You should be able to slide it back over your knuckle. When it feels snug, read off your size beside the little black arrow.

The purchase amount will be refunded to you when a follow up purchase of a ring is made via our webshop. Just make sure to mention this at checkout so we can cross-reference it.

The Circle Alignment Method

Is the ring a gift? Ask the recipients friends and family if they have his or her rings size in case they have gifted one before.

If you already have a ring (for the intended finger) but don’t know the size, you can use our circle chart (#2 in our printable version available for download here) to align it with.

It is important that the ring aligns perfectly with the circle and neither covers it nor leaves a noticeable gap. See examples below:

The Ribbon Method

No Ring Sizer? A ribbon, string, or strip of paper will suffice.

Wrapping it around your finger snugly (exactly one time) making sure you can still get it over your knuckle, mark the material with a pen where it meets.

Measure the length with a ruler (in mm) to compare against the circumference in our chart below.

General Tips

A well-fitted ring should be easy to put on, a little snug to take off. Make sure when using the methods above that the material fits over your knuckle as you may need to order a half size larger if you have thin fingers but larger knuckles.

Temperature affects sizing as fingers appear smaller when cold and larger when warm. It is therefore a good idea to measure at the end of the day when your extremities are warmer to ensure a more accurate reading.

Size multiple times on different days as your body swells and shrinks daily.

Size the exact finger for which the ring is intended, as the fingers on your left and right hands are not identical.

Avoid eating salty foods and alcohol before sizing, as they make your body retain water which can result in a larger ring size than required. The same goes for pregnant ladies.

If you are still struggling to know your size, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for some gentle guidance. We will do our best to assist you.


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