This easy-going, down to earth couple was not going to let COVID-19 get in the way of celebrating their love for each other. But how could it with already 12 wonderful years together and a beautiful son to make them a family and tighten their bond.

They say opposites attract, which in Simone and Anders’ case is exactly what makes them so strong as a couple. Both born and raised just outside of Århus in Denmark, this outgoing, adventurous couple met at a local festival through common friends and the rest is history. This is the story of two very different people that have found each other; complementing and supporting each other through life’s ups and downs.

With a beautiful son and the purchase of a house, they decided to tie the knot to give each other more security. But the romance had not subsided as Anders had a little surprise up his sleeve.. a few days before the wedding he arrived home from work with Simone’s favourite dessert, a big bouquet of flowers and got down on one knee to ask her for her hand in marriage…he’s a keeper!

Their wedding day was a beautiful intimate celebration with only their closest family and friends. Held in the organic garden under the apple trees – the perfect setting for a perfect day filled with love, bubbles and happiness!

“It is the perfect piece because it’s simple, unisex and a little bit different to the traditional wedding band”

We asked the couple a few questions:

How would you best describe your style?

Simple with a colourful twist.

What piece did you choose to wear for your wedding?

The Unisex Wide Stacking Ring.

Why was this piece perfect for you?

Because it’s simple, unisex and a little bit different to the traditional wedding band.

What does jewellery mean to you?

We don’t own or wear much jewellery but what we do have is very meaningful to us.

What does love mean to you?

That you would do anything for the ones you love.

What was the highlight of your wedding?

The whole ceremony, when we walked in together to the song that played the day we became boyfriend/girlfriend and after when Simone’s cousin played a song on the guitar, it was magical!