An intimate casual elopement in the city of Copenhagen together with only their nearest and dearest who had travelled from all around the world to support them on their special day.  Being such an international couple, travel has played a big role for Ksenia & Jan from the very beginning as it even determined their adventurous and trustworthy relationship that they have now.

What started as a spontaneous dinner with friends in Dubai turned out to be pretty fateful. Ksenia is originally from Russia, but was brought up in India and Jan is from Eastern Germany where he studied Russian at school – it was these skills that caught Ksenia’s attention right away and the rest is history!

For these travel enthusiast, it was only fitting that even the proposal took place on a road trip with a camper van in Italy. In the centre of Modena, whilst having breakfast in a very small Italian café with a tiny terrace and a view to a beautiful cathedral at the end of the street, Jan surprised Ksenia with a ring; a clean minimalistic replica of her grandmother’s ring that she had lost a year before – “I was incredibly touched and it couldn’t have been more perfect”.

“It is like a little tool that somehow connects you to those you might never meet.”

We asked the couple a few questions:

How would you best describe your style?

Simple and classic but with a twist; interesting details, unique cuts and quality materials.

What piece did you choose to wear for your wedding?

The Wide Stacking Ring as my wedding band.

Why was this piece perfect for you?

Because it is clean and minimalistic and touched my heart in a special way.

What does jewellery mean to you?

I believe that jewellery tells a lot about a person, and unique pieces bring back memories. Having something that can last forever and be passed through generations is a rather special sentiment. It is like a little tool that somehow connects you to those you might never meet.

What does love mean to you?

Everything. It is what makes us wake up every morning, feeling grateful. It’s the inspiration that gives us this boost and the warm feeling in our hearts of being complete. It’s happiness.

What was the highlight of your wedding?

The Ceremony; as it was indescribably emotional.