We are always finding ways to do good for our planet whilst improving our methods. We also wouldn’t be able to call ourselves a sustainable company if we didn’t follow it through in all areas of the business. This includes our packaging; made from 100% recycled, biodegradable or reusable materials – we took an honest look into how packaging can impact our environment and found a more sustainable way to deliver our jewellery to you without compromising on the luxury look & feel.


Designed to keep your jewellery safe and secure, our compact drawer boxes are made entirely from kraft paper with a beautiful 100% recycled paper coating and a vegan suede pillow inside. Even the pull cord is made from organic cotton. We also designed the box as a one-size fits all (jewellery) to keep things simple and minimize the over/-production of a variety of sizes.


The lightweight dust bags that protect the jewellery box during shipping are made from a natural Fairtrade organic cotton. With the handy cotton drawstring on top, keep and reuse to store your jewellery safely when at home or during your travels.


Slimmed and trimmed for just the essentials, our mailer boxes are thoughtfully designed to hold only what you need. Made from 100% recycled paper with an easy to open closing strip, no tape required. Even the filling that holds the jewellery box securely in place during shipping is made from strips of recycled paper so you really don’t have to feel guilty about anything.

Reuse or flatten down the mailer boxes after receiving your jewellery to recycle and join our circular economy.

We further offset our environmental footprint by supporting certified tree planting all around the world together with ‘Trees for All’ for every piece of jewellery we sell. This is our giving back promise.

Faithful to a sustainable view of life.