While solid gold doesn’t tarnish or fade, it does need a little pick-me-up from time to time. Wearing your OERUM pieces every day, as intended, can lend its way to dirt accumulation, which is never pretty. So today we are sharing three natural and sustainable ways to clean your jewellery at home so they are as good as new.


1 tsp of natural dish washing soap (we use this one from Nourished)
1 cup of warm water
Bowl or shallow dish
Soft cloth or Soft bristle toothbrush

Mix dish soap into a cup of warm water until fully dissolved. Dip jewellery in the solution and use a soft cloth or soft bristle toothbrush to gently scrub clean. Rinse with clean water and leave to dry on a clean, soft cloth or paper towel.


3 drops of lemon essential oil
½ cup witch hazel or white vinegar
Small bowl or shallow dish
Soft cloth or Soft bristle toothbrush

Mix essential oil with witch hazel or vinegar in a small bowl. Add jewellery and soak for approximately 5 minutes. If needed, wipe jewellery with a soft cloth or lightly brush with a soft bristle toothbrush to loosen dirt. Rinse with water and dry on a clean, soft cloth or paper towel.


1 Ultrasonic Machine (We use this one in our office)
10-15ml sustainable Cleaning Solution (We recommend this one from Bio-chem)

This machine works by sending sound waves through a cleaning solution to remove serious dirt and grime. Just place your jewellery in the basket, and let it work its magic. This is a simple and affordable option to keep your jewellery shining without going to a professional.

*If you’re cleaning jewellery with diamonds for the first time in a while, you’ll want to check to ensure the diamonds are secure after the cleaning. Sometimes dirt, lotions and other build-up are helping keep things in place over time.

We believe it is important to educate you around our materials – it is something we pride ourselves on and will be doing a lot more of for full transparency.
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