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Issue002 - Journey of Sisterhood

Monday, June 22, 2020

ŌERUM featured in Issue 002 of ‘Sage’ – Journey of Sisterhood.
An interview with the Founder Tamasine McNabb, exploring the beauty of friendship and community of women worldwide. Find out what the inspiration behind OERUM is, where they get their name from as well as the challenges she’s faced both professionally and personally.


SM: We are so excited to have OERUM a part of this issue! Can you share with our community a bit more of OERUM, we’re sure they’d love to know!

TM: OERUM is a sustainable Fine Jewellery brand. We stand for ethical, precious, and effortless jewellery; faithful to a sustainable view of life for the more consciously inclined men & women. Our jewellery is made from recycled 18k gold which incorporates a giving back promise. We are on a mission to make sustainable fine jewellery the new norm.

Our passion goes beyond jewellery though, as we dream about being able to create moments of joy, inspire bonds and strengthen the relationship you have with your jewellery. We are based in Haarlem, the Netherlands and our products are handmade in the quaint town of Cordoba, Southern Spain by our skilled artisans, pouring three generations of passion and experience into each individual item. Every piece is made to order and the carefully crafted result is something that you can’t get anywhere else: unparalleled luxury, pure quality and true, wearable thoughtfulness.

SM: When we think of OERUM, the three words that come to mind are elegance, timeless, and beauty! Where do you gather inspiration for each jewelry design & collection?

TM: My background is in Art & Interior Design and despite no longer working in the realm of interior and architecture, besides nature there is no denying that it continues to be a big source of my inspiration. There’s just something about a well-designed space and being out in nature that has the ability to transform the way you feel. I believe a piece of well-designed jewellery can have this same effect on a person with which to create a meaningful bond.

SM: We absolutely LOVE the name of your brand! OERUM, how did you come up with its name and does it hold a foundational meaning? If so, we’d love to know more about it!

TM: OERUM comes from the Latin word ‘Aurum’ meaning ‘gold’ whilst using the ‘OE’ (Ø) from the Danish alphabet to give the name a Scandinavian twist that pays homage to its roots since I originally come from Denmark. OERUM was born out of a passion for naturally beautiful objects and the appreciation for delicate craftsmanship, with the desire to create collections that were timeless in design and had the ability to create an eternal bond with the person wearing the jewellery.


SM: Take us through the creative process behind each design of your jewelry collection! What are some of the challenges that you face? How do you overcome the obstacles that may come about during the production and conception of each design?

TM: When I started OERUM, I set out to create timeless minimalist jewellery that could be worn on a daily basis to compliment the user for easy and sophisticated adornment. Essentially, the perfect staples for every day. I personally always love to hear the stories behind a piece of jewellery and what it means to that individual. Jewellery is a very personal notion – it is our memories cast in metal, little reminders that become like a second skin. It is the execution of capturing these moments, illustrating a feeling and subtly exerting your personality so I always try to create pieces that are meaningful.

There have certainly been challenges along the way but I believe that if we change our mindsets to see failure as an opportunity, we can only grow stronger – it’s like touching a hot oven, we have to get burned to understand how it feels and then we can grow and quickly move on.

SM: How has the culture of Europe inspired ŌERUM?

TM: Having lived 6 years in Dubai (aka the ‘City of Gold’) where OERUM was founded in 2018, the move to the Netherlands earlier this year really challenged us and inspired us to rethink our methods from the ground up while adapting to a different market. With the sustainability culture in Europe being so far advanced, the importance of incorporating this within OERUM became very clear, very quickly and it was the biggest inspiration for our growth and development and where we are now.


SM: In this issue, we’re focusing on the beauty of friendship and community of women worldwide! How do you personally resonate with this theme?

TM: As a human on this planet we all have bonds, things that tie us to something or someone. Having lived in more than 5 different countries throughout my life, that feeling of belonging and real friendships was hard to come by.

My closest female friends now are all over the world and exist mainly through my phone (thank goodness for the digital world we live in). But the true meaning of friendship is something I have had to learn the hard way and have learnt to truly appreciate over time because what is genuine will always be there no matter the time that has gone by or the distance between you; it is an everlasting bond, which to me is the beauty of relationships and what we represent at OERUM.

SM: How do you personally resonate with us here at Sage?

TM: Our shared mission to support, inspire and empower women across the globe to feel connected and uplifted. This is such an important message and a gesture we can all grow taller from.

SM: What’s been the best part of beginning the journey of OERUM? If you could share a few of your favorite moments with us, that would be great ?

TM: The feeling of independence and the achievement of making a life-long dream a reality. I will also never forget the intense feeling of happiness and sense of accomplishment that overcame me when that first order came in. And while in some ways we are going through that same start-up process since moving to the Netherlands and re-launching the brand earlier this year, I love thinking back to that time because it keeps me grounded and grateful for where we are today.

SM: At Sage, we strongly believe in the beauty of womanhood! Talk to us about the mission behind OERUM and how other women around the world connect to your brand and its story?

TM: We are on a mission to make sustainable fine jewellery the new norm, helping women around the world live a more conscious life and create a more meaningful bond with the jewellery that becomes a part of them. And for any women out there wanting to change any aspect in their life; I think the fear of failure is the biggest hurdle women face when deciding whether to take on their dreams or to play it safe. And while it can be terrifying at times and filled with uncertainties, I’d like to share a message that my mother always said to me because “you should never doubt what you can do because you can do anything you set your mind to”.

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Haarlem, The Netherlands



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