Small Leaf Ring


  • Specifications

    - Recycled 18 karat solid gold (yellow or white)

    - Leaf height front: 9.5mm

    - Band height back: 2.8mm

  • Materials

    Gold; we wouldn’t put it in our name if we weren’t serious about it. All of our pieces are made from recycled 18k solid gold that will last an eternity so you can love them forever.Unlike its plated or filled counterparts, solid gold won’t rub off on your skin and doesn’t change appearance over time. It’s tough to withstand daily use, but like any precious metal, gold is prone to scratches over time – nothing a good polish can’t fix though. If it gets dirty, you can also bring your piece back to its original shine by simply wiping it clean with a soft cloth.

    • Material :

Handmade takes time. Check delivery times.


If you need help with sizing, find out more about ring sizing here. We also offer a ring sizer to purchase here, which is a super handy tool to keep for all future jewellery purchases! However, to reduce your environmental footprint and get a more accurate result, being professionally sized by your local jeweller is always a good option where possible – just ensure to be given a size in US sizing, as well as an inside diameter measurement of the ring sizer – as these tools can vary between jewellers.

Please remember that your hands will be different sizes, so a ring that fits your right hand ring finger may not fit your left hand. You should also take into consideration, the temperature of your hands as your fingers will swell when warmer.

Are you taking a wild guess? The average women’s ring size is a size 6 and the average men’s ring size is a size 9. But please bear in mind that all rings are made to order to avoid creating any unnecessary waste or harm to the environment. Therefore, knowing the correct size will also prevent any unnecessary transport that should occur from return deliveries.